horny-versace: well this is not my first kiss but it's the 1st kiss w the person i love the most. me and this boy have been friends for a long time, and we discretely used to hold hands sometimes. one day, I was taking him to his classroom and he was already late so there was no one in the hallway. we passed a corner next to hick class room and i turned to him and said "well, I'm gonna go now, bye" he didn't say anything. he grabbed me by arm and then my waist and he kissed me, deeply.



Anonymous: I accidentally ended up in this coffee shop after getting lost and this boy came and sat with me and I was pouring outside and I told him I was lost and he bought me coffe and we sat and talked for hours as I was waiting for my ride and as we went outside the rain was soaking us and he told me I was the most beautiful girl he'd seen and he kissed me and after that we exchanged numbers and now he's my boyfriend x



why can’t plane tickets be like 10 dollars

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One day you lose something, and you say: ‘Oh my God. I was happy. And I didn’t even know it.’ Unknown, Humans of New York (via middecember)

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